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(We can also incorporate in Delaware and New Jersey which may provide broader tax advantages for your business)

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Minimum number: Corporations are required to have one or more directors.

Director qualifications: The Articles of Incorporation or bylaws may prescribe qualifications. A director does not need to be a shareholder unless spelled out in the articles or bylaws.

Appearance in articles: Not required. Directors' names and addresses do not have to appear in the Articles of Incorporation.

Written consent: Permitted. Directors may act in writing in lieu of holding a meeting.

Officers/Director's Information

Annual Reports

Time to file: Corporations must file annual reports with the Kansas Secretary of State on or before the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the tax period.

Turnaround time: Turnaround time at the state is between 2 and 4 business days.

Signatures: Only company officers are authorized to sign annual reports. Emailed or faxed signatures are accepted.

Filing extensions: When state permitted

Filing Requirements

Remember, when you work with 4 U Tax and Accounting Solutions, we'll take care of your incorporation filing for you. This information is presented only for your reference.

Required documents: The state of Kansas requires businesses to file For Profit Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.

Turnaround time: In general, turnaround time for incorporating a business in Kansas is 2-3 business days.

Follow-up filings: Not required.

• Co.
• Company
• Corp.
• Corporation
• Inc.
• Incorporated
• Limited
• Ltd.

Permitted designations: Kansas corporate names may be followed by several approved designations, including:

Kansas requires corporations to have names that can't be confused with any other entity name registered with the Secretary of State. When you incorporate with 4 U Tax and Accounting Services’ help, we'll research your company name to make sure it meets Kansas' standards.

Corporate Name Requirements

Forming a Corporation in Kansas

Each state has its own set of rules for businesses seeking to form a corporation there. If you've decide to incorporate in Kansas, 4 U Tax and Accounting Solutions can take care of all the details. We'll research the availability of your company name and help you prepare and file your Articles of Incorporation with the Kansas Secretary of State. We can also assist with many of your follow-up needs such as amendment filings, written consents, and annual report preparation and filing.

Here are some helpful facts about Kansas' incorporation requirements:

With the 34th largest population in the United States, Kansas services both large and small businesses. Kansas' major industries include agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing. Regardless of your industry, we can help you take advantage of Kansas business services.


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