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Failure to obtain and renew the correct business licenses and permits can result in fines, notices, and forced closure of your business.

Understandably, many business owners find identifying and applying for the right business licenses and permits to be a time-consuming, complicated, and even an overwhelming process.

4 U Tax and Accounting Solutions can help.

4 U Tax and Accounting Solutions can make getting the right business licenses and permits easy and if you do business in multiple locations, we can help you identify the special licenses, permits, and tax registrations required for each.

• General business licenses

• Tax registrations

• Health permits

• State-issued occupational licenses

• Liquor licenses

• Lottery licenses

• Reseller’s licenses

• Zoning and land-use permits

• Health department permits

A complicated, but essential, business requirement

Most state, county, and local governments require companies to have the right licenses and permits in place before they open their doors. There are more than 150,000 filing jurisdictions across the country, all with their own requirements. Depending on your particular industry and where you operate, any number of licenses and permits may apply to your business.

Examples of commonly required licenses and permits include:

Business Licenses